As a small business owner, you may find yourself overwhelmed with ensuring customer satisfaction and accurate bookkeeping all at the same time. Here at Andora, we encourage you to focus on your customers and increase your profits, while letting us take care of your books. Our step-by-step process is strategically designed to create and maintain the following tasks for your business based off of YOUR needs on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly bases:

  • Record financial transactions of your business in bookkeeping software
  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Generate an income statement
  • Generate a balance sheet

Record financial Transactions

Recording financial transactions is part of the accounting process in any business. Transactions can include purchase, sales receipts and payments. With Andora maintaining your daily record keeping, you can rest in knowing that your accounting system is setup to ensure that your tax –ready numbers are correct for reporting purposes by the end of the year.

Need help with your Account Receivables? We can help with that too as well as assist with the preparation and distribution of customer invoices, proper recording in the accounting system, payment matching, payment recording, statement preparation, credit memo and refund processing, and collection of past due invoices.

We can help you with invoices processing, payments, vendors’ management, and invoices discrepancies. We can provide you with the account payable management by performing a three way matching to assure that only valid vendors’ invoices are recorded and paid. The accuracy and completeness of a company’s financial statements are dependent on the accounts payable process.

Bank Reconciliation

Let Andora do you bank reconciliation. Our team will work diligently to keep your business checking account and cash record up to date by identifying outstanding checks, deposits in transit, bank fees, and any unauthorized transactions on a monthly bases. We will keep a close eye on all transactions that are occurring in your bank account each month and inform you of any uncleaned checks that continue to be uncashed.

Income statement

An income statement is one of the main financial statement used for reporting a company’s financial performance over a specific accounting period.

Have us generate your income statement and Andora will provide you with a deeper analysis of your business’s financial performance. Our results will show if your business is operating over or under budget and our team can provide you with various strategies on how to increase your profit by reducing unnecessary expenses and can also determine your income tax liability based on your year-end income statement.

Balance sheet

A balance sheet provide you a snapshot company’s assets, liabilities, and owner equity at a particular point in time. Allowing us to generate your balance sheet statement give us the opportunities to analyze your company’s financial strength and capabilities of your business.

Your solvability is important element your creditors or potential creditors (as banks, and vendors), and investors will be looking in order to decide whether to lend you money or to invest in your company. Your financial reporting is an important key component for your company. Leave your financial reporting to us and focus on running your company and increase your profitability.