Tax services

Tax law is a complicated law that changes each year and become more complicated that filing even a simple return can be confusing. Preparing your own tax return can be a task that leaves you with more question than answers. Don’t worry the tax team at Andora has the experience and the expertise to answers all your questions and provide you with tax preparation and tax planning. We offer individual and business tax preparation.

Individual Tax preparation

We do federal and states tax return. Your tax return will be double rechecked before filling. Your tax can be filed electronically so you will get a faster refund. We will give advice on how to adjust your payroll withholding to avoid tax liabilities.

Business Tax Preparation

We Help Small Businesses With Their Tax Returns. All Business Income, Expenses, Assets And Labities

General Partnerships (1065)
A Business That Has More Than One Owners Should Be File A Partnership Tax Return. The Partnerships Will Divide Their Share Of Assets And Liabilities According To Their Percentage Owned. Partnership Can Be Great For Tax Purpose When It Is Done Correctly.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) (1065)

When A LLC Has Two Or More Owners, The IRS Treats Them As A Limited Partnership For Tax Purpose. This Is A Pass-Through Entity Which Means They Don’t Have Any Tax Liabilities. Profits Or Loss Are Pass –Through Owners’ Individual Tax Return (1040).

S Corporations (1120S)
They Are A Separate Entity That Elect To Pass Corporate Income, Losses Through Their Owners For Federal Tax Purposes. This Entity Is Not Subject To Double Tax Like The C Corporations.

C Corporations (1120)
They Are A Structure That Is Taxed Separately From Its Owners. C Corporation Pay Taxes On Their Income. The Owners Of C Corporation Are Subject To Double Taxation When The Dividends Are Paid To Them.

Non-Profit Organization (990)

Non-Profit Are Not Subject To Any Taxes Liabilities Because Their Profits Are Recognized As Charitable. Nonprofit Must File Taxes To Stay Compliant.

Our Team Works Year-Round To Help You Minimize Your Tax Liabilities And Increase Your Peace Of Mind.